ATT network issues Finally an answer. Ive been looking how to get on wireless web for some time now using my cingular branded though unlocked V3 RAZR I bought from a friend of mine at motorola. I am still trying to get my Razr to communicate with my Palm T3 to beam contact details. Is there a way around this? HowardForums is a discussion board dedicated to mobile phones with over 1,, members and growing! This was originally designed for a Windows XP system.

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Eventually I found out that I had to set the phone to get its speed numbers from the phone memory and not SIM memory. Your T-Zones motorola razr v3 modem page should appear in a few seconds.

On the screen you also see two soft keys and a menu key in the middle with 4 icons in the middle motorola razr v3 modem in a circle to denote actions for the arrow keys. The battery life seems good. I bought a Motorola V3i 3 days ago, I set the time but after couple of hours it was late for about 9 mins.

So, do you know how many voice tags can be recorded for the V3? This screen rivals any PDA screen for color and contrast. OK…I love my razr and have bought several of them online after my original motorkla got wet and stopped working.

The phone being reviewed is a European version. The next step is to go to the Network System Preferences panel. Maybe a stupid question, but are you setting the tmobile profile as default after you load motorola razr v3 modem settings?

I am also happy that unlike other Motorola phones the Start Call and End Call buttons are finally in the right positions. The T3 raxr ask you for a passkey.

How to charge your Motorola RAZR via USB and use it as a modem

Even with voice dialing and speed number dialing, having a favorites dialing list motorola razr v3 modem prove very helpful. Just bought new moto razr in UK. Plus I believe motorola razr v3 modem means I would no longer have a local number. Look plain and simple…I have this phone and I thought it was great. Apr 1, Thanks for the feedback — wish there was some way around it — this V3 phone is just too good to let go.

T-Mobile Settings for Motorola Razr V3

Am I wrong motorola razr v3 modem was there indeed a full screen viewing mode? Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. But a few problems c3 cropped up that may affect others usage of the phone. And if so, how can I restore it? The Razr uses the standard Motorola v phone OS with a few tweaks. What would be the point.

Phone disconnects before the other modem had a chance for the handshake. With a bluetooth adapter or built in motorola razr v3 modem on your PC. I am a user of the Razr — I am not affiliated with any carrier or Motorola.

They are so damn touchy I motorola razr v3 modem bleeping or changing profiles frequently everytime I sit down or move around. Your phone still has the internet settings for Cingular access stored in the mode, itself, not the SIM card.

Mar 31, 8: The Cingular version includes no games. This way you can use both types of chargers.

Using a Motorola Razr V3m as a modem

I looked into ebay and other websites. For the Nokia I have, pressing the right direction key will go to the calendar and left, to text messaging. This phone is quite impressive.