No, there are no additional charges for international connection. PTCL Vfone offers all the benefits of your landline; with the added advantage of being wireless, which means you can carry it anywhere within limited premises and that is what makes it an ideal substitute for copper line. It is a pre-paid connection. It has all the features of a VPCO including display of call charges, duration and balance. I think vph service will continue all over the country rather khi, Lhr and Isb. Yes, for Desktop customers, the Free balance would be valid for 60 days, whereas for our SIM customers Free Balance has to be consumed within 5 days of card loading. Vfone is based on wireless local loop technology which offers limited movement within premises.

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Do I have to pay any extra charges to activate this offer? PTCL is in hands of some serious chaos. Where the heck is the regulator. There are no delays in the system. Where the heck is PTA. However if the customer ptcl v wireless enters Temporary out of Service the balance will not be carried forward.

All new and existing customers can change their Package by dialing and pressing 3 in the main menu. Pathetic company, Pathetic decisions. In case a new Vfone connection is activated and no balance is loaded for 45 days, the system ptcl v wireless move the customer to inactive state; and then ptcl v wireless customer would have to load a new card to move back to active state.

Anyone having clue, plz lemme know. Who can benefit from this offer? What if I get a new connection and my connection is inactive for 45 days? So what to do with vfone set i had purchased back then. What are the recharge guidelines? If you want to change your package you can immediately do so by dialingptcl v wireless which you will be charged according to the selected package. I wish they guys stop joking with us: The Package Change is permanent and does not expire.

Ptcll Packages and Ptcl v wireless Plans.

V Wireless PTCL Sales Center –

In rare cases, the ptcl v wireless might have both frequencies as an option. TheFWP offers both indoor as well as outdoor antenna options suiting exact location needs.

Apart from internet and SMS, Vfone at present offers the following value added services to make your Vfone experience ptcl v wireless convenient: What about these ptcl v wireless jockeys? This is normally to build more connection capacity in the area. What do I do if the battery of the set is not charging properly? Back to top Q. If due to any reason, the set becomes faulty and does not function; no need to worry; you can simply bring your Vfone set to your nearest OSS and we will have it repaired through our trusted vendors within the warranty period.

I think vph service will continue all over the country rather khi, Lhr and Isb.

Ptcl V Wireless –

Their sole focus is simply real estate and no one can challenge them as they are above the law of the land because of ptcl v wireless royal contacts. PTCL is becoming shittier with every passing day.

In case of EVO their only direless is to sell maximum number of devices — no the service. Due to this reason, ptcl v wireless coverage area is normally more in rural markets as compared to dense urban centers.

PTCL to Permanently Retire its Vfone Services

Coverage area refers to area with in which PTCL can give a connection. Can Vfone be used to browse internet? If ptcl v wireless are any issues with the set battery, our Vendor will replace the battery within the warranty period ptcl v wireless if the warranty period had expired, then these batteries are easily available in open market as well.

Not sure the need to retract the service from Rural places though. Just confirmed from their helpline.